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Come on in and grab a front row seat where the service is always delivered with a smile and a story from none other than Mitsy Lou Puppernickel - a tacky southern hairdresser.You may not agree with her style - but there’s no arguing that her heartwarming humor and powerful messages about staying the course will have you laughing, remembering what you have to hold on to, and feeling good long after the show is over. Click the above video and get a sample of Mitsy Lou’s Performance.

The Woman Behind the Character… Janet Harllee is an Internationally-known storyteller, character actress, speaker, and writer who has written and produced numerous Christian dramatic productions that combine story, humor and song to make people laugh and encourage them to hang on to their faith. Below are a other short clip’s of Mitsy Lou Puppernickel . . . click and enjoy!

Mitsy Lou Puppernickel Short 1 Mitsy Lou Puppernickel Short 2 Mitsy Lou Puppernickel Short 3

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Mitsy Lou's Hair Survival Kit reminds you of God's love
  • Comb: God combs out the tangles, worries, and stress in your life.
  • Shampoo: He cleanses you with
    His blood.
  • Conditioner: He refines your life, and makes you shine.
  • Gel/Moose:  He provides fullness in your life.
  • Hairspray:  Holds you in place to stay the course.
A few quotes from Mitsy Lou

"When ya' don't know which way ta' go, look up. God knows all 'bout directions."

"Let God's light shine through ya' taday ta' light someone else path."

"Make sure ya' manage your time wisely taday, it's a valuable gift from God."


Please help pray for those steadfast on tha' mission field, whatever country, doin' battle for Christ! God bless ya'lls hearts!