Janet Harllee Speaks

what you DON'T say matters

Hi, I'm Janet Harllee. Let's face it, technology has changed the way we communicate - texting, email, and social media. All of this is great. There is nothing wrong with it. But there is nothing that can replace a person to person handshake. Looking at someone eye to eye. 

Studies show that we communicate more nonverbally than we do by using words. So, it is important that we know and understand that our verbal and nonverbal communication must match in order for our message to be received correctly.

My passions are:

* To help clients develop positive nonverbal cues to impact the growth of their business. Reading nonverbal signals from others will let you know what they are thinking and how they are feeling.

* To coach speakers and storytellers, as well as, businesses/organizations on how to use nonverbal cues to make an emotional connection with their audiences, customers, and employees. 

Janet Harllee Speaks equips corporate managers, non-profit organizations, human resource groups, sales people, college and small business classes on how to connect with customers and employees by understanding and knowing how to read and give nonverbal signals like: facial expressions, gestures, body language, posture, eye contact, appearance, and paralanguage - tone of voice (inflection, volume, pitch, and rate of speed). 

The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said.  - Peter Drucker

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