Seminar/Workshop Presentations

JanetHarlleeSpeaksGrowYourBusseiminar52014I'm happy to customize any topic specifically for your group...

"15 Ways Nonverbal Communication Benefits You & Your Business" - Learn how facial expressions, gestures, body language, posture, appearance, eye contact, and tone of voice affect the success of your business.

"Theatre Techniques To Rock Your Next Presentation" - Nonverbal cues are a great way you will improve your presentation skills.

"5 Key Reasons Storytelling Grows Your Business" - Stories are a powerful tool in growing your business. It's not only your story but how you tell it that makes your business memorable.

"Communicating YOU Is Communicating Your Business: Communicate To Connect & Build Lasting Relationships" - Business will always be about building and maintaing lasting relationships. 


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