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Who doesn't love a good story especially when it's told well? I began my career with a background in theatre. Then in the early 90's I read an article in the local newspaper about a storytelling group that met each month. I decided to go. At the next meeting, I told my first story and have been telling ever since. In the beginning, I traveled to schools and libraries telling stories to children. Then I began entertaining adults with stories.                                             

In business, telling your story is a powerful tool because stories educate and motivate the listener. Knowing and understanding nonverbal cues will enhance the message of your story. 

There are many ways to use stories in your business but here are 3:                                                                                                

1. Your Personal Story - What made you decide to do the kind of business you do? Tell your up's as well as the down's and be honest about your experiences.                                                                                                                                                              

2. Your Customer Story - Ask your customers to tell you about their experience with your product or service and then share it.

3. Your Product or Service - Let the benefits of your product or service tell the story. 

A story touches the heart and pulls the emotional strings. They are a powerful, persuasive tool to grow your business.                                                    

As a Story Coach:  

- I teach businesses and organizations how to use nonverbal cues to add power to their story.

- I teach speakers, storytellers, and individuals how to enhance their stories through the use of nonverbal communication.    

- I teach small business and college business classes how to connect and build strong relationships by understanding the power of nonverbal communication in their story.

Contact me for coaching session rates. 

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