Isn't Storytelling For Children?   

In the early '90's, I saw an article about a local storytelling group. At the second meeting, I told my first story. I was hooked! I joined the North Carolina Storytelling Guild and became an active member and past president. The guild organized the North Carolina Storytelling Festival, which is held in various locations in North Carolina.

Okay, I started my professional storytelling career going to schools and libraries telling stories to children. Teachers loved the way I told stories. They especially liked the stories I wrote. They encouraged me to keep telling. I later found that stories are not just for children. Adults love hearing stories. Why? Everyone loves a good story. People can identify with stories. Stories connect, educate, and create emotion.

I began writing Southern stories for my character, Mitsy Lou Puppernickel, and her zany family and friends. You can learn more about her on the Entertainer page. Now, I write and use stories that will entertain and speak to my audience needs.

You are products of your story. If you aren't telling your business story, you may be missing a powerful tool to grow your business. Click on Story Coach to find out more about using stories in your business/organization or as individual speakers or storytellers.

People used to sit on their porches and tell stories. They would even make up stories.These stories were passed down through the generations. I believe in keeping this tradition alive. If you would like to learn more about the ancient art of storytelling, go to these sites: North Carolina Storytelling Guild or the National Storytelling Network


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